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    100 Years of Cruising

    A cruise is defined as a sail about in an area without a place of destination, especially for pleasure; or a voyage on a ship or boat for pleasure or as a vacation, and usually calling at several places. One can go back a hundred years or more of “cruising”; however, the definitive word in the definition of a cruise is “pleasure”.

  • Culross

    Exploration of “Outlander’s” Scotland

    OUTLANDER'S SCOTLAND Scotland is a magical place not unlike its neighbour, Ireland, with stunning scenery, friendly people, and an abundance of both tragic and inspiring history.  Setting of the series of Outlander books by Diane Gabaldon, which is now [...]

  • Ah, To Winter in Sunny Portugal

    AH, TO WINTER IN SUNNY PORTUGAL Portugal in winter is almost a best-kept secret, unless you are European (especially British.) The British have been coming to this country and to Spain in the colder winter months to enjoy the [...]

  • Shari Galapagos

    Review of Celebrity Cruise’s Galapagos

    THE GALAPAGOS ISLANDS - A REVIEW     Thanks to Shari Marsh of Cruise Holidays Land & Sea in Raleigh, NC, and Celebrity Cruises®.  

  • Icelandic Waterfalls

    Iceland – Land of Ice and Fire

    ICELAND - LAND OF ICE AND FIRE     Iceland conjures up icy weather, hot springs, and an incomprehensible (to North Americans) language and culture. While that picture may contain some truths, it can not negate the reasons to visit [...]

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Travel Planning Creates Value

  • Northern Lights

Six Hot Leisure Travel Trends

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Tying the Knot at Sea





Book Your Next Cruise Onboard & Expedition Cruises

Should you book your next cruise when you are aboard your current cruise? Larry explains the programs and [...]

Knit & Stitch Cruise with Ann Sweeney

Larry interviews, Ann Sweeney of Knit & Stitch Boutique about the upcoming 2017 Knit & Stitch cruise. [...]

Seadream Yachts & Travel Insurance

Larry interviews Karen Brooks of  SeaDream Yachts, step up to yacht cruising.  In cruise news, cruise lines are [...]


1710, 2017

Review of Celebrity Cruise’s Galapagos

October 17th, 2017|0 Comments

THE GALAPAGOS ISLANDS - A REVIEW     Thanks to Shari Marsh [...]

908, 2017

Cote D’Azur to Paris on Avalon

August 9th, 2017|0 Comments

Cote D'Azur to Paris on Avalon   The adventure begins ... Casino in Monte Carlo We [...]

312, 2014

Video – Po River cruise on the River Countess & post stay in Rome

December 3rd, 2014|0 Comments

Beth Schulberg , Cruise and Travel Specialist, and her husband explored Venice and the surrounding countryside and cities on a [...]


  • Doctor's--Cove-Beach


Jamaica "No worries" is a phrase you'll hear daily in Jamaica. Nothing is a problem on this island paradise [...]

  • San-Cristobal

Cruising from San Juan

CRUISING FROM SAN JUAN Approaching San Juan by Sea San Juan, Puerto Rico is a popular [...]

Antigua – Luxury Destination

The view from Shirley Heights Antigua is the larger of the Leeward Islands that comprise the country of [...]


  • Squirrel on an igloo

Beware Travel Advisories

The following travel news article caused a chuckle or two upon reading. Maybe we in Canada all live in igloos and are (eat?) nuts. As the article on the absurdity of travel advisories was written five years ago, I thought the cautions may have changed; however, for the most part , they have not. 😀

  • Travel-Potty-Humour

Disclaimer : Washroom Potty Humour !

Experienced travelers know you can expect anything when answering nature's call. If your adventures consist of trips within North America, you may experience culture shock when venturing outside your comfort zone. Mind you, we have all experienced that gross washroom in a gas station ...

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