Mdina, Malta While Valletta in Malta is a spectacular tourist destination and popular cruise port in the Mediterranean, do not hesitate to venture further inland in your exploration of this tiny island. One town you should not miss is the walled city of Mdina.

Mdina comes from the Arabic word medina meaning "walled city" ...
Lofoten Islands, Norway
You might be forgiven if you have never heard of this archipelago of six larger islands, and many more smaller ones, in Norway. It’s not on the usual cruise lists of ports of call, or in the glossy brochures of proffered resorts. But that does not make it any less worthy of a visit; it is, in fact, a hidden gem.
The Queen's Hamlet - Versailles Situated in the area of parklands known as the the Domaine de Trianon (Grand Trianon and Petit Trianon with gardens), the Queen’s Hamlet is associated with Marie-Antoinette. Consisting of ten buildings (factories), it was designed by architect Richard Mique in the 1780’s in the Jardin Anglais surrounding the Petit Trianon ... The Charm of Porto
Unless you are a cruiser, most travellers in North America would not be familiar with the second largest city in Portugal, the quaint town of Porto, or Oporto as most English speaking folks say, on the Portuguese coast. .

This Mediterranean looking city is located on the Douro ...
Ancient Britain:
Sutton Hoo, Stonehenge, &
Hadrian's Wall
Even if you are not a history buff, travelling through Britain is a lesson in times past. You can, of course, visit these lands without exploring their history but in doing so, you may miss out on some amazing “attractions” and regret it later. Here are three popular historical sites from ancient Britain you should see at least once.
Victoria Falls
If it is your dream to go on safari in Africa, one side trip of any safari you should not miss is a visit to Victoria Falls.
The great explorer David Livingstone set out in 1855 in response to a rumor of a magnificent waterfall. He journeyed down the Zambezi River to stand on an island outcrop above the falls, now titled Livingstone Island, to view what he called “the most wonderful sight I have witnessed in Africa” ...
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Culinary Travel | Truffle Hunting

There is such a category as culinary travel, a chance to stay in a new country (or region) with the specific goals of learning to cook and eat a local dish. A popular one of these culinary jaunts has you hunting the raw ingredient too. That ingredient is truffles.

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Social Media and Travel

Social media: you either love it to the point of being addicted to your devices or deplore what it has done to face-to-face socializing. Either way, it is having a huge impact on our daily lives, and on our special moments.


Is Greece Calling Your Name

Greece is a country that has a lot to offer, from art to food to nature to culture. If you have been thinking about planning a getaway, this could be a sign ...

Who’s Ready To Go To Iceland?

I hope you are because Iceland is welcoming us with open arms! Iceland made the decision to allow any travelers who have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to enter Iceland without testing or being quarantined.

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