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  • Mdina, Malta

    While Valletta in Malta is a spectacular tourist destination and popular cruise port in the Mediterranean, do not hesitate to venture further inland in your exploration of this tiny island. One town you should not miss is the walled city of Mdina.

  • 10 Lesser Known Ports of Call

    All the “popular” cruise itineraries visit the most “popular” ports of call. It is a question of the hen versus the egg – which came first. Are the more popular ports the result of the cruise offerings based on itineraries? Probably, yes. That is why you see ...

  • Excursions

    To Buy Excursions … Or Not?

    Cruisers are usually confronted with the question of whether they should purchase excursions to complete their days in port ...

  • 7 Reasons to Re-position Cruise

    Cruise lines have various itineraries that they offer throughout the year. What itinerary works for Alaska in the summer months obviously does not work in the dead of winter. So Spring and Fall, these cruise liners must shift to a more favorable climate.

  • Arch-Triumph-Barcelona

    Barcelona: Cruise Port to the Mediterranean

    Barcelona, Spain, has become a popular port for cruise lines. Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, and Holland America, to name just few, offer cruises to the Eastern Mediterranean.  The city’s art, architecture ...

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April’s Travel Tips

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Themed Walking Tours



Dining On a River Cruise



Book Your Next Cruise Onboard & Expedition Cruises

Should you book your next cruise when you are aboard your current cruise? Larry explains the programs and [...]

Knit & Stitch Cruise with Ann Sweeney

Larry interviews, Ann Sweeney of Knit & Stitch Boutique about the upcoming 2017 Knit & Stitch cruise. [...]

Seadream Yacht Cruising & Travel Insurance

Larry interviews Karen Brooks of  SeaDream Yachts, step up to yacht cruising.  In cruise news, cruise lines are ...


1812, 2017

Regent Seven Seas Explorer Review

December 18th, 2017|0 Comments

We were welcomed on board Regent’s most luxurious ship ever built, Seven Seas Explorer, for a preview voyage to experience all that Regent has to offer. From the moment you step on board and glimpse the stunning ...

1212, 2017

Marybeth Goes to Thailand 2017

December 12th, 2017|0 Comments

My morning view from the Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok. This is an awesome trip. You can visit ...

1710, 2017

Review of Celebrity Cruise’s Galapagos

October 17th, 2017|0 Comments

THE GALAPAGOS ISLANDS - A REVIEW     Thanks to Shari Marsh [...]


  • Doctor's--Cove-Beach


Jamaica "No worries" is a phrase you'll hear daily in Jamaica. Nothing is a problem on this island paradise [...]

  • San-Cristobal

Cruising from San Juan

CRUISING FROM SAN JUAN Approaching San Juan by Sea San Juan, Puerto Rico is a popular [...]

Antigua – Luxury Destination

Antigua is the larger of the Leeward Islands that comprise the country of Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean. An independent state since 1981, the country is promoted as a luxury destination ...


  • Squirrel on an igloo

Beware Travel Advisories

The following travel news article caused a chuckle or two upon reading. Maybe we in Canada all live in igloos and are (eat?) nuts. As the article on the absurdity of travel advisories was written five years ago, I thought the cautions may have changed; however, for the most part , they have not. 😀

  • Travel-Potty-Humour

Disclaimer : Washroom Potty Humour !

Experienced travelers know you can expect anything when answering nature's call. If your adventures consist of trips within North America, you may experience culture shock when venturing outside your comfort zone. Mind you, we have all experienced that gross washroom in a gas station ...

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