Stockholm, Sweden
Museums, Parks & Curiosities
Is there a cruise or visit to the Baltic states in your future? Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is sure to be on your list of places to explore. Stockholm has its location on a series of islands, much in common with that famous city to the south, Venice.
Culinary Travel - Truffle Hunting Some people travel for adventure, some for education, some for relaxation, and some for the food!

Even if we are travelling for new experiences or just to get away from it all, most of us enjoy tasting the new-to-us local specialties and the delicious culinary offerings that we encounter on our travels.

Tower of London
Historical Attraction
The Tower of London is a definite “must see” on any visit to London, providing a colorful journey into the centuries of history all contained within its immense walls. It is a popular attraction, so don’t be surprised at the length of the queue to enter through its gates.

It is the type of place one can visit again and again.
In Search of the Polar Lights
The Northern Lights are a great attraction for those of us who wander with a purpose on our vacations and an unexpected delight for those of us who don’t.

What exactly are the Northern Lights?
Let’s begin with the sun. Explosions happen all the time with the heat intensity of the solar surface sending out charged electronic particles on “solar winds”.
The Winelands of South Africa
If planning travel to South Africa some of the first things you might mention to your travel professional are that you wish to explore Cape Town and book a safari. There is something else worth your consideration especially if you love wine and good food – touring the Winelands.

The Winelands are a defined region and a named district in the Western Cape province of the country and well worth a day trip (and longer if possible)
Puglia, Italy
Home of the Trulli
Thinking of traveling to Italy on a vacation? You are not alone in wanting to visit this European country sandwiched between the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas. Most folks opt to see Rome, Florence, Tuscany and the Italian Riviera or perhaps the Amalfi coast.

You should certainly visit these beautiful regions for their history, culture, and cuisine but there is one part of Italy that many tourists forget– and that is Puglia.
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Destination Blogs

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