Adult Only Cruises | with Dick Knoll & Amber Droge

 Comparison of Viking vs Virgin Voyages

Real travel experts Dick Knoll and Amber Droge of Cruise Holidays & Tours of Topeka join Ken of RTE Travel Talk. In this exclusive interview, we explore the enticing world of adult-only cruising delving into the allure of this unique travel experience.

Our special guests, Dick  & Amber, share their wealth of knowledge about this niche. Curious about what exactly adult-only cruising entails? Dick and Amber break down the concept and discuss the tranquil and sophisticated atmosphere that sets these cruises apart. Thinking about setting sail with either Virgin Voyages or Viking? Dick and Amber compare and contrast these two major players in the adult-only cruise industry, helping you make an informed decision for your next adventure.

Discover just how many cruise lines currently offer exclusive adult-only options.
Discover the key benefits of opting for an adults-only cruise, and find out why more travelers are choosing this refined and tailored experience.
Wondering if adult-only cruise destinations offer a more mature and relaxed atmosphere? We explore whether these cruises cater to a more discerning and adult-friendly audience.
For those curious about on-board entertainment options, Dick and Amber discuss the exclusive shows and events that make adult-only cruises stand out and how they may differ.
Get the scoop on the social scene on board at as we uncover the vibrant and sophisticated atmosphere that defines the social experience on adult-only cruises.
Learn about special adults-only group departure dates, offering an even more exclusive and tailored experience for those seeking a unique adventure.
Solo travelers, don’t fret! Dick and Amber discuss how adult-only cruises cater to individuals exploring the world on their own terms.

Thinking about river cruises? We explore how these intimate waterway journeys fit into the landscape of adult-only cruising.

Amber gives us a closer look at Virgin Voyages and the unique offerings that set them apart in the adult-only cruise market, and Dick explains the benefits of escorted cruises providing an extra layer of comfort and convenience for those looking to explore the high seas. 

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