The “Stars of Africa” | with Barb Chamberlain & Neil Dudley

Is This The Best Choice For A Safari?

Ken from RTE Travel Talk sits down with real travel expert Barb Chamberlain, a seasoned traveler and representative of Direct Travel, and Neil Dudley, Product Manager for AmaWaterways™, to discuss the remarkable AmaWaterways’ Africa River Cruise and Safari Wildlife experience. They begin by exploring the “Stars of South Africa” itinerary, highlighting the unique journey and its allure for adventure seekers. The conversation delves into the various extensions available to enhance the river cruise, offering travelers more opportunities to immerse themselves in the African landscape.

Barb and Neil provide insights into AmaWaterways’ operations in Africa, outlining the countries visited during the cruise, including an overview of the Rwanda Gorilla Extension. The experts discuss the itinerary length and the magnificent Victoria Falls, along with the chance to see the “Big Five” in their natural habitat. The accommodations are detailed, ensuring viewers understand the luxury and comfort offered throughout the trip.

Weather considerations are covered, alongside the best times to witness the Great Migration. Barb and Neil explain why choosing this river cruise and safari option provides a unique experience compared to traditional land safaris. They further explore pre and post extensions, with a particular focus on Rwanda.

Barb shares information about an all-inclusive group departure she is organizing, making it easier for groups to plan and enjoy this incredible journey. The demographics of guests typically attracted to this adventure are discussed, followed by practical packing tips to ensure a comfortable and prepared trip. Important details about visas, vaccinations, and payment options are also covered, providing a comprehensive guide for potential travelers considering this extraordinary African adventure.

Video is timestamped for your convenience.