Antarctica Expedition Cruise Review | with Colleen Atherton

Colleen Atherton, Real Travel Expert and  owner of Eaglewings Travels in Wichita Kansas, joins Ken  to review her recent expedition cruise to Antarctica with Atlas Voyages. Colleen delves into why she selected an Antarctic expedition cruise, what type of cruiser or client is best suited for this style of vacation, and gives a review of Atlas Voyages and the ship, ” World Traveller”.

Learn what there is to see and experience on an Antarctic expedition cruise as opposed to just a cruise to Antarctica. Colleen offers cruise tips such as: the best time of year to take such a voyage, what to expect in the way of weather including temperatures, and what to pack. Antarctica is a wildlife protected zone,. Learn what measures are in place and how they can affect your vacation experience.

And finally Colleen and Ken reflect on just exactly who would enjoy this cruise and “is it safe?!”

(Video description includes timestamps.)