Azamara Norway Intensive Review | with Roy Suthons

Essential Insights for Your Midnight Sun Adventure

Real travel expert Roy Suthons joins Ken from Real Travel Experts and RTE Travel Talk for an in-depth discussion and review of his recent 16-day Norway intensive cruise on Azamara Pursuit. If you’re considering a cruise around Norway and hoping to witness the midnight sun (or perchance the Northern Lights), this video is a must-watch.

Discover the Azamara Pursuit, its exquisite amenities, and comfortable stateroom accommodations. Find out why opting for a smaller ship like Azamara Pursuit can open up unique opportunities for exploring the Norwegian Fjords that larger vessels simply can’t access.

Explore the main reasons why Norway has become a sought-after cruise destination, including its breathtaking landscapes and the allure of the midnight sun. Dive into Azamara’s standout features, such as Azamazing evenings and the unforgettable white night party.

Learn about Roy’s experience hosting a Distinctive Voyages cruise and gain insights into what makes these voyages distinctive. Get a sneak peek at one of Roy’s upcoming Distinctive Voyages for 2024. Plus, benefit from Roy’s expert cruise tips and advice on the best time of year to embark on this incredible journey.

This is a must-see interview if you are considering Norway as a travel destination in future.

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