Beware Travel Advisories


The following travel news article caused a chuckle or two upon reading. Maybe we in Canada all live in igloos and are (eat?) nuts. As the article on the absurdity of travel advisories was written five years ago, I thought the cautions may have changed; however, for the most part , they have not. :-D

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Disclaimer : Washroom Potty Humour !


Experienced travelers know you can expect anything when answering nature's call. If your adventures consist of trips within North America, you may experience culture shock when venturing outside your comfort zone. Mind you, we have all experienced that gross washroom in a gas station ...

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Memorable Travel Moments


Past Present and Future Quirky , Crazy, and Utterly Fascinating Moments An old Scots gentleman friend of my dad's from WW2 reciting Robbie Burns'  Tam O'Shanter as he showed us the sights of his hometown of Ayr, Scotland...

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Table for Two?


Mention the word “cruise” to a newbie and you may as well have said – not “romance”, not “adventure”, and not even “fun”… but “food”! I have been asked countless times, “Can’t you eat twenty four hours a day on a cruise?”

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