Take a Leap | Bungee Jumping


If you are into active adventure travel and do not suffer from acrophobia (fear of high places), consider taking your vacation to new heights: incorporate a bungee jump as a planned activity.

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Adventure Travel: Tracking the Mountain Gorilla


With so many species of animals threatened by extinction, it may be your dream to see some of these animals in the wild. One threatened group, the mountain gorilla, has inspired strictly-managed tours in the Volcanoes National Park ...

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3 Fun Festivities in Europe


There are hundreds of festivities celebrated throughout Europe and if you are lucky in the timing of your travels, you may be able to attend one whether by design or by happenstance. For instance, many folks travel ...

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Maui, Paradise in the Valley Isle


Maui, one island in the archipelago of the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean, is a favorite tourist destination. What makes this small island of little over seven hundred square miles and relatively low population such a star stand-out among the many paradise getaways available for the vacationer?

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Hop Aboard Real Rail Vacations


If you are considering a self-guided tour for your next vacation, check out the options for rail travel with your travel professional. Touring by rail is not only convenient but can also take you places in comfort and style.

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