Experiencing Costa Rica’s Pura Vida | with Bob Shaffer


When Christopher Columbus sailed along the east coast of a new land more than 500 years ago, he encountered natives adorned in gold and other jewelry and he dubbed the area “rich coast” – Costa Rica in Spanish. Today, Costa Rica’s riches and ecological diversity are ...

Experiencing Costa Rica’s Pura Vida | with Bob Shaffer2022-07-27T11:59:38-03:00

The Rich Coast, Costa Rica


Let’s visit Costa Rica that small Central American country sandwiched between Nicaragua on the north and Panama on the south and the two bodies of water: the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Do not be fooled into lumping this tourist destination into the same category as all the other countries in the region ...

The Rich Coast, Costa Rica2021-06-24T14:51:26-03:00
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