Explore Croatia By Private Yacht | with Daniel Hauptfeld

Katarina Line 

Daniel Hauptfeld, Marketing Director of Katarina Lines, joins Ken of RTE-Travel Talk, to delve into the world of luxury travel and maritime excellence. Daniel sheds light on his pivotal role and responsibilities within the company, offering insights into the dynamic landscape of Katarina Line.

Discover the essence of Katarina Line, a leading name in the realm of private yacht travel experiences in Croatia. Learn about their diverse portfolio, spanning from captivating land tours to the unparalleled luxury of their six different classes of private yachts and sailing ships.

As Daniel unfolds the company’s offerings, it becomes evident that Katarina Line is not just a travel company – it’s a legacy, deeply rooted in family values and a unique backstory that sets them apart. Excitingly, Daniel unveils Katarina Line’s vision for the future, including their collaboration with the esteemed Hilton brand to introduce the brand-new Keight hotel. This endeavor marks a significant milestone for Katarina Line as they expand their horizons and continue to redefine luxury hospitality.

Moreover, Daniel highlights Katarina Line’s unwavering commitment to the community, particularly their heartfelt dedication to supporting children with Down syndrome. Through their initiatives and outreach programs, Katarina Line exemplifies the essence of corporate social responsibility, making a meaningful impact beyond the realm of travel.

Join us as we unravel the layers of excellence that define Katarina Line, from their exceptional services to their profound sense of social responsibility. Embark on a journey of discovery and luxury with Katarina Line – where every experience is crafted with passion and purpose.