Are You a Real Travel Expert?

Join Real Travel Experts!

Join Real Travel Experts

There are literally thousands of travel agents, sometimes in your own consortia, competing for the same market. Our research shows that there is a good percentage of customers shopping online that are looking for real travel experts. The question for us was, what is best method to connect these web surfers to you, the true experts?  The answer is a program we call  Join Real Travel Experts! on our popular travel blog;

Join Real Travel Experts

What It Is:
Real Travel Experts is an online high traffic travel blog that consolidates expert’s advice, destination articles, reviews, video and podcasts. The difference is that all articles and content are written and delivered by true travel professionals such as yourself.

What It Is Not:
Real Travel Experts is not a consortia. We welcome all travel professionals provided you are an expert in your field.

Benefits to You and Your Travel Agency:

  • Increased Traffic to Your Home Website
  • Backlinks for your Home Website
  • Quality Lead Generation Funnel
  • Recognition as a True Professional / Expert in Your Business ( or destination, etc.)
  • Listing on an Expert Locator and Site with a maximum of select agents ( less than 50) as opposed to thousands
  • All experts will be qualified so as not to diminish your expertise and reputation
  • Ability for visitors to contact you directly via the website
  • Ability for visitors to directly connect to your home website
  • Join Real Travel Experts as an author for even more exposure

Plus, with an annual subscription you receive:

  •  shout outs on Real Travel Expert’s Facebook Page (30K followers) and Twitter.
  • one complimentary 2 week ad on the Main Page of Real Travel Experts ( advertise yourself or a special travel group you have contracted)
  • 15% discount over paying per month
  • 10% discount on individual marketing products* of Compass Media

*excluding marketing retainers, product packages, and website builds.

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