Just The Facts: Best Cruise Advice & Tips | with Larry Jackson

Real Travel Expert Larry Jackson, owner of Cruise Holidays of Viera, joins Ken from RTE Travel Talk for this episode of Just The Facts. Together, they share invaluable advice and tips for cruisers, gathered from their extensive experience in the travel industry. Whether you’re a first-time cruiser or a seasoned traveler, these insights are sure to enhance your cruise experience. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more travel tips and expert advice!

Episode Highlights:

1. Take the stairs: One of the easiest ways to stay active on a cruise is to take the stairs instead of the elevator.
2. Fly into the cruise port a day early: Avoid travel stress and potential delays by arriving at your port city a day in advance.
3. Acknowledge the crew: A simple greeting or thank you to the crew can go a long way in enhancing your cruise experience.
4. Don’t listen to the “cruise critics”: Form your own opinions and enjoy your cruise without being influenced by negative reviews.
5. Pack a medical kit: Be prepared for minor health issues with a well-stocked medical kit.
6. Pack “light” but still take half of it!: Overpacking is common, but try to bring only what you’ll really need.
7. Bring ZiplocĀ® bags: These versatile bags can be useful for keeping items dry or for packing snacks.
8. Adjoining rooms for family travel: Consider booking adjoining rooms for a more comfortable and convenient family vacation.
9. Scout out “your” table in the buffet dining room: Find a favorite spot in the buffet dining room to make meal times more enjoyable.
10. Wear your tightest fitting clothes first: Save room in your suitcase and stay comfortable by wearing your snug clothing early in the trip.
11. Be on time to board the ship: Punctuality is key to avoid missing your cruise departure.
12. Ships may not abide by the time zones: Keep in mind that the ship’s time may differ from local time zones, so plan accordingly.
13. Storing your suitcases: Utilize space under your bed or in closets to keep your cabin tidy.
14. Leave the contraband at home: Ensure you comply with the ship’s policies by leaving prohibited items behind.
15. Don’t overplan: Allow yourself some flexibility to enjoy spontaneous moments on your cruise.
16. Stay on board on a port day: Sometimes the best way to enjoy the ship’s amenities is to stay on board while others explore the port.

Enjoy the episode and happy cruising!

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