One Reason I Love River Cruising


I love European river cruising and fortunately so does my husband.  There are many things to love about river cruising and the one that immediately comes to mind is waking in the morning in our stateroom to look out over the river from our bed.  Watching the green river banks and small villages go by as we drink our coffee is a sublime pleasure.  We’re able to watch the ducks and swans float along the river banks or the local farmers and ranchers begin their day tending to their crops or animals.


Your look out on the passing views from an Avalon Waterways stateroom

This is so easy for us on most of Avalon Waterways ships as they have re-fitted their ships with wall to wall glass and sliding glass doors that open to a French balcony.  But most importantly the bed is facing those glass walls! You don’t wake up facing a wall, you’re facing what you came to enjoy!  It’s so comfortable to sit in bed looking directly out!  We find this to be one of the best ways to start our day!

It’s so easy to retrieve your coffee or tea from one of the two coffee stations on the ship and take it back to your room to in vibe in this wonderful pleasure.  I’ll give you a hint, I’m giving away one of my secrets here, but we book the staterooms on the highest deck (sometimes in the deck underneath it) in the back of the ship just so we can get to the coffee station in our robes Along with hot coffee or tea there’s always a wonderful selection of small pastries and often (my favorite) a chocolate croissant!  Oh yes, and maybe my very favorite a French Macaron!

I must go and pack for my next river cruise!

This article first appeared on Judy’s Luxury Travel, a Cruise Holidays agency in Monument, CO. 

Stateroom image courtesy of Avalon Waterways. Other image is from Pixabay.