Riviera, Riverside, & Viking Compared | with Lauren Matthews

Real Travel Expert Lauren Matthews, travel specialist with Cruise & Travel Specialists of Lake Oswego, Oregon, joins Ken of RTE Travel Talk to to dive deep into the world of river cruising, focusing on the two R’s: Riverside and Rivera, and how they stack up against the renowned Viking River Cruises.

They begin with an in-depth overview of the three river cruise lines, discussing their unique features and offerings. The conversation then moves to the typical demographics of passengers you might find on each line, providing insights into who you might meet on your river adventure. Lauren shares her experiences with the diverse and delectable cuisines offered on Riverside, Rivera, and Viking River Cruises, highlighting what food enthusiasts can expect.

The segment also includes a fun “cruise matchmaking” discussion, helping viewers identify which cruise line might be their perfect fit.

Inclusivity and the level of personalized service on each line are also examined, giving potential cruisers a comprehensive understanding of what to anticipate.

Finally, Lauren imparts her invaluable advice for anyone considering a river cruise, ensuring that viewers are well-prepared for their next voyage. Don’t miss this informative and engaging discussion!

Video is time-stamped for your convenience.  Main Page feature image courtesy of Riviera River Cruises.