Silversea Baltic Cruise Review | with Barbara Young

Barbara Young, owner operator of Cruise Holidays of Port Coquitlam, joins Ken of Ask A Real Travel Expert for a review of her recent Baltic cruise, Copenhagen to Copenhagen roundtrip, with Silversea Cruises aboard the stunning Silver Moon. Barb details the onboard experience with Silversea, what to expect in a classic veranda stateroom, and just how much fun it was to have your very own butler. Dining was an absolute highlight with a shout out to Silversea’s S.A.L.T program. Ken and Barbara discuss the itinerary with stops in Stockholm, Gdansk, Riga, and more. Barbara’s cruise highlight was a visit to the Abba Museum. And speaking of excursions, Ken asks if the cruise was truly all inclusive: Barbara explains Silversea’s All Inclusive Door to Door or Port to Port programs. And finally, Barbara provides cruise tips detailing the best time to go, and when one should book a Silversea Cruise.