Tauck, Avalon, & Viking River Cruises Comparison | with Beth Schulberg

Luxury All Inclusive, almost all inclusive, and A La Carte.

Real Travel expert Beth Schulberg, owner of Cruise & Travel Specialists of Lake Oswego Oregon, joins Ken of RTE Travel Talk to compare three of her go-to river cruise lines: Tauck, Avalon Waterways and Viking River Cruises, with a view to the inclusivity and options available on each river cruise line.

Beth and Ken discuss what sets each river cruise line apart from each other and some of their history plus what you need to know when choosing a river cruise line, such as which river cruise line is classed as luxury, which is the most all inclusive, and which can be the most economical based on an ala carte menu of options.

Find out why, despite the fact that the ships are the same size, the amount of passengers they carry varies from 130 to 190, and what the river cruise lines do with the extra space.

Beth provides valuable river cruise tips on such thing as deposits and the best time of year to consider booking your river cruise. Beth ties everything together with an example price comparison between the three lines when everything is added up post river cruise. The results may surprise potential river cruisers looking for that next vacation.