Testing Positive for Covid on Your Vacation | with Liane Lance 

Testing Positive for Covid on Your Vacation – Now What? 

Picture This Travel’s co-owner and real travel expert Liane Lance  joins Ken of Ask a Real Travel Expert to discuss what you can expect if you happen to test positive for Covid 19 while out of the country on vacation. Liane details the procedures and protocols followed by the resorts and cruise lines in the event of a positive test.

  • Who should be your first phone call ?
  • What are the steps to take as soon as possible?
  • What you can you do pre-vacation to make sure you are prepared in case of a positive test?
  • Liane’s recommendations for rapid test kits;
  • and more.

If you are thinking about vacationing, either close to home on a Caribbean resort or traveling in Europe, this interview is full of extremely valuable information – thanks Liane!