The Mississippi | Viking vs American Queen® | with the Skinners

Choosing the Right Mississippi River Cruise For You with Real Travel Experts the Skinners

Travel experts Rich and Linda Skinner of Cruise Holidays of Woodinville join Ken to review the two most popular cruises lines for a Mississippi river cruise: Vikings’ Mississippi river cruise and American Queen Voyages American Queen® Steamboat. Rich and Linda delve into what you can expect from each cruise line, how they are similar in itineraries and level of service, and how they differ in atmosphere. Viking has a modern take on Mississippi river cruising and American Queen Voyages looks to transport you back to that bygone era of steam paddle wheelers but in high style. Both cruise lines offer an exceptional experience according to the Skinners with your main decision being the time of year that is best to travel, and whether you looking for a themed cruise such as a Memphis Music cruise or a visit to the Kentucky Derby. All of this is discussed plus look at if this river cruise is good value and who would be best suited for each cruise line.