Behind the Scenes on Silver Shadow Part II | RTE Travel Talk

Interviews with the Room Division Manager, the Future Cruise Director, and the Customer Relations Manager

Welcome on board Silversea’s Silver Shadow. Join Ken as he welcomes more of the crew and management team of the Silver Shadow to RTE-Travel Talk. Manny Ganesan, Room Division Manager, Stefan Ambarus, Future Cruise Manager, and Ramona Dragu, Customer Relations Manager sit down with Ken to discuss their roles aboard Silverseas’ Silver Shadow.

Why is the Silver Shadow so beloved by guests? The team weigh in with their take on what is it that makes guests return time and again to Silversea, and share their favorite memories of events on board Silver Shadow.

Join Ken, and guests on this captivating journey and unlock the success secrets of Silversea’s Silver Shadow – its excellent management team and crew. Whether you’re a cruise enthusiast or a traveler seeking the pinnacle of luxury, this video is great behind the scenes look at what it takes to make an unforgettable cruise experience.

Timestamps are available with this video for your convenience.