Crystal Cruises - worried couple


A big casualty caused by Covid ravaging the travel industry happened in January. Crystal Cruises parent company, Genting Hong Kong, filed for bankruptcy. Crystal Cruises ceased operations immediately on January 20, 2022.

At this writing Crystal Cruises itself, has not filed for bankruptcy. Only their parent company has. Crystal is looking for a buyer to purchase them and resume business as usual.

If Crystal does end up filing for financial default, we will assist our clients on getting a refund, or filing a dispute with their credit card companies, or help with filing an insurance claim.

For refunds, if your cruise fare was booked and paid for after April 2021, you may get a refund according to Crystal. Crystal set up a reserve account with credit card companies in April 2021. The credit card companies held all funds in a reserve account until the client’s sailing was complete. There is no guarantee for payments made before April 2021.

We sell Travel Guard Insurance. Crystal Cruises should be covered for financial default through Travel Guard.

Travel Guard offers different policy plan options including: Essential, Travel Guard Plus, Preferred and Deluxe.

Essential plan: Default coverage is an early purchase benefit if purchased within 15 days of the trip deposit.

Travel Guard Plus, Preferred and Deluxe polices: it is available at time of purchase regardless of when the first deposit was made. Coverage does not go into effect until the policy is 14 days old.

Some people like to research and purchase their own travel insurance. If you are among those who do this, make sure the cruise, tour operator or airline you are traveling on is listed on the travel insurance’s preferred covered supplier list. Some travel insurance companies dropped Crystal Cruises off that list when it became known they were having financial problems. If that’s the case there is no coverage.

We hope this the only casualty of a cruise line or tour operator that is forced to cease operations. Covid has decimated the travel industry. We are still working non stop to help our clients get refunds or credits from cancelled trips. And we are doing this with no income unless we charge a trip planning fee. We do not get paid commissions until the trip commences.

Twenty years ago when I started this business I had no idea how much time and expense it would take to become a travel expert. I do now.

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Article first appeared on Cruise & Travel Specialists.