Behind the Scenes on Silver Shadow Part I | RTE Travel Talk

An Interview with The Hotel Director and Food & Beverage Manager

Welcome on board Silversea. Join Ken as he welcomes two of the crew and management team of the Silver Shadow to RTE-Travel Talk. Craig Bennett, Hotel Director, and Anil Chinthapatta, Food & Beverage Manager, sit down with Ken to discuss their roles aboard Silverseas’ Silver Shadow.

Craig and Anil delve into their personal history, background and how they came to be involved in the cruise industry. In addition Craig and Anil discuss their day to day responsibilities onboard the Silver Shadow.

Why is the Silver Shadow so beloved by guests? Craig and Anil weigh in with their take on the various activities, services, entertainment and public areas found on board Silver Shadow.

What is it that makes guests return time and again to Silversea? Craig discusses the popular Door to Door all inclusive program and the Venetian Society loyalty program. And most importantly, both men agree that bar none the crew on board Silver Shadow make for the ultimate success of the ship and its guests.

Anil gives us a tour of the onboard dining venues, their wine and spirit collection, and talks about Silverseas’ S.A.L.T. program available on some of the other Silversea ships.

Timestamps are available with this video for your convenience.