Canada/New England Cruise Review | with Dick Knoll

 Real travel expert Dick Knoll of Cruise Holidays of Topeka joins Ken to review a cruise itinerary that sometimes gets overlooked: Canada and New England. The topics that Dick details include: 1) the best time for Canada New England cruise; 2) the cruise lines that sail Canada New England; 3) which one may be right for you; 4) the popular cruise ports in a Canada and New England itinerary as well as the embarkation and departure ports; and lastly, 5) what shore excursions you can expect. Other topics discussed include: what to pack for Canada New England cruise; who exactly is best suited for Canada New England cruise,; and other cruise tips. Aa veteran travel advisor, Dick has sailed this itinerary numerous times and details an upcoming Fall Foliage themed cruise to Canada New England he will be escorting on Holland America.

Are you looking for an escorted group cruise relaxed and close to home?  Then this expert’s round up of Canada/New England cruising is for you.