Celebrity Cruises Ascent Review | with the Skinners

Celebrity Cruises’ Ascent INAUGURAL REVIEW & TIPS 

Join travel experts Rich and Linda Skinner of Cruise Holidays of Woodinville as they share their thoughts and experiences from the much-anticipated inaugural voyage of the Celebrity Ascent.

The Skinners dive deep into discussing the state-of-the-art features of the Ascent, revealing insights into what makes this ship a true game-changer in the realm of luxury cruises. They peel back the layers of the awe-inspiring dining options on board – more variety than you’d think possible on water – and a gastronomical journey guaranteed to tantalize every taste bud.

Keeping pace with the opulent theme, they shed light on the fresh, carefully curated spaces created to foster an engaging atmosphere among passengers. Pivotally, they underscore the unique allure of “The Retreat”, a sanctuary at sea designed for an exclusive, richly rewarding slice small ship service within a large ship.

Linda and Rich then cast light on the ship’s unique on-board atmosphere: a carefully crafted blend combining modern luxury, timeless elegance, and a dash of adventure. They offer invaluable advice on when to book, guaranteeing you score the ideal Ascent experience.

And who, exactly, is the Celebrity Cruise Line’s perfect passenger? Our real travel experts answer by providing an insightful look into which travellers would best enjoy and benefit from the unparalleled Celebrity experience.

Ascent explores a variety of 2024 destinations. Fancy a dip into the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean or a walk through the historical cobblestones of Europe? The Ascent can take you there according to Rich and Linda.

Rich and Linda cap things off by sharing practical tips all viewers will appreciate, such as how far in advance to book in order to secure your spot on this grand vessel. In a nutshell, they answer the pivotal question – who does the Celebrity Cruise Lines cater to? Noteworthy indeed!

Join us to understand why this experience is not just a journey but an exploration of indulgence and pleasure. The Celebrity Ascent, with its blend of elegance, excitement, and exclusivity, is a marvel on the seas that becomes an unmatched vacation experience. Dive in for an exclusive inside look!.

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