Group Cruises: Everything You Need To Know | with Kerry Turner

Have you every been on cruise with group on board or perhaps you have been part of a group cruise? Kerry Turner of Cruise Holidays joins Ken to discuss everything you wanted to know about group cruises but were afraid to ask. Learn about the different types of affinity or common interest groups such as quilting, knitting, alumni, car enthusiasts, and many more. Other types are wedding groups, religious groups, and also corporate and incentive travel. Kerry details the mechanics of a group such as the minimum size, the group leader responsibilities to you the guest, and how important it is to have a group travel expert on hand to coordinate all the back end travel details. Kerry has been planning and escorting groups for 20 plus years, and she and Ken discuss her upcoming Grand Slam Bridge cruise with Holland America. Of particular interest is the bond the forms between the group participants that extends on for years, leading to many group cruises and shared vacation experiences.