Marybeth Goes to Thailand, 2017

My morning view from the Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok. This is an awesome trip. You can visit Bangkok as port stop from a cruise or like us just a trip touring Thailand. So many senses, sights and smells. Saw many pagodas and Buddhas while in Bangkok. Day 1, I wore a long skirt and top with sleeves, appropriate attire. Day 2, I saw the Golden Buddha and I wore a short skirt. They have clothing to cover you up. Can you see the difference?

So many choices in travel today…Cruising – ocean or river, Adventure- biking or hiking with Backroads (my last trip was biking Croatia), Eco- rescue camps like Protect Asis in Costa Rica or Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. Near Chiang Mai, We spent a day learning about rescue elephants at Elephant Nature Park. We fed them and bathed them. In Chiang Mai we took a Thai cooking class. This is a bike friendly town so we did our city tour on cruiser bikes around town. Visited the market and street food vendors.

Thailand is a fantastic destination. Phuket is famous for amazing beaches. We spent an all day boat tour going to Phang Nga Bay with incredible “Krast” islands, then to Panyee Village, a floating fishing village entirely on stilts over water! The famous Krast is know as James Bond Island. It was in the Bond movie “man with a Golden Gun.

We stayed at the Paresa (means “Heaven”) Resort. 

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