Why River Cruises are All the Rage

Beth_May 2017

Have you ever wondered why river cruising in Europe today is all the rage? Why are we just now hearing about it? I hope to enlighten you about the history of river cruising and what makes it so special.

It wasn’t until 1992 when one could travel in Europe from the Black Sea to the North Sea by river. That’s 2200 miles of exploring life along the banks of many rivers. What changed do you ask? The engineering marvel of the 106 mile Main-Danube canal.

About the time those canals opened, a few travel industry veterans took notice. If freight could be transported through those canals and locks, then perhaps passengers could too! They would design the barges with ocean cruise ship amenities. Unpack once and see the interior of Europe! An option to the “if it’s Tuesday, it must be Belgium” way of traveling.

The big question is which river cruise is right for you? There are many different cruise lines, and in order to compete with each other, they have to be different to attract their right audience. You must realize what is important to you when booking your river cruise vacation. You should know that not all river cruises offer the same amenities. There are river cruises that offer award winning cuisine, bikes on board, hot tubs and even swimming pools.
What’s important to you should be the experience once you’re on board.

One of my favorite river cruise companies is AMA Waterways. They believe “luxury is more.”

AMA Waterways balcony staterooms are larger than other river cruise companies and offer twin balconies. Their ships have fewer staterooms, allowing you to feel less crowded in the public areas. They offer “more active ways to explore” the cities along the rivers by offering complimentary bicycles on board. They have “more ways to indulge” with award winning cuisine in several dining venues including the exquisite Chef’s Table. These amenities are included in your cruise price.

Whether you are traveling on the rivers of Europe, Cambodia and Vietnam, Africa or Myanmar, AMA Waterways “luxury is more” is the right choice for those who love luxury.

If you’re not familiar with AMA Waterways, they are a great option for your river cruise. Which river do you want to start with? Rhine River, Danube River, Rhone River, Seine River, Mekong River…. Confused? We’ve been on all of them and can help you make the right decision. 

This article first appeared on Cruise & Travel Specialists. Image courtesy of  Amawaterways™.