Smooth Jazz Cruise Review | with Diane Shelton

Exploring the Smooth Jazz Cruise Experience

Join us on this episode of RTE-Travel Talk as Ken host sits down with special guest Diane Shelton, owner of Cruise Holidays with Diane, to uncover the enchanting world of themed cruising. Diane shares her recent voyage aboard Celebrity Cruises’ Summit for the renowned Smooth Jazz Cruise, offering valuable insights and firsthand experiences.

The conversation begins with an overview of the Smooth Jazz Cruise, delving into the unique atmosphere and vibrant energy that defines this musical extravaganza at sea. Diane paints a vivid picture of what to expect on a jazz-themed cruise, from captivating performances by world-class musicians to immersive musical experiences that transcend boundaries.

As Diane recounts her journey, she provides a glimpse into the itinerary sailed, highlighting the allure of the destinations visited and the seamless flow of entertainment onboard. Discover the popularity of themed cruises like the Smooth Jazz Cruise and gain insider booking tips from Diane to secure your spot on these sought-after voyages.

Addressing the question of whether there are activities for non-jazz enthusiasts, Diane offers reassurance that while there’s something for everyone during the shore excursions, this cruise is about a fulfilling experience for all jazz fans, so plan accordingly. There are however other themed cruises tailored to your interests.

Diane offers a quick review of her accommodations and ship size, providing insights into the comfort and amenities available on Celebrity Cruises’ Summit. Dive into a discussion on price points and loyalty programs, as well as opportunities to mingle with performers and fellow passengers throughout the voyage.

As the conversation draws to a close, Diane reflects on whether she would book this cruise again and shares her contact details for viewers seeking personalized assistance in planning their next cruise adventure.

There are timestamps on video for your convenience.