Southern Caribbean Cruise Review 2022 | with Ann-Marie Gaudet

 Ann-Marie Gaudet, travel expert with Cruise Holidays Select,  joins Ken live from the Celebrity Equinox as they cruise the Southern Caribbean. Ann-Marie details the Equinox, new boarding processes the itinerary, and some of the speciality dining restaurants found on board such as the Tuscan Grille and Le Petit Chef. Ann-Marie provides valuable cruise tips for the ports of call, shore excursions, and for cruisers trying to decide on a seven-day cruise or longer. She also explains the key differences between an East, West, and Southern Caribbean itinerary for cruisers trying to decide which cruise is for them. Ken inquires with all the goings on in the world with the pandemic, about the safety of cruising. Ann-Marie gives her heartfelt and uplifting take on the matter with a big shout out to the cruise lines and their crews.

Cruising is back!