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Journeys by Rail: Take a Train

If you are considering a self-guided tour for your next vacation, check out the options for rail travel with your travel professional. Touring by rail is not only convenient but can also take you places in comfort and style. The journey itself can easily be your vacation.

In the early twentieth century, train journeys were not only the norm but also the desired method of travel. Back then, just like in the ocean liners of the day, there were classes of travel. Regular fare put you in with the masses, uncomfortable and crowded. Today, though there are still different options, the standards of travel have changed recognizably, and regular fares (depending on the country) are quite acceptable. First class and luxury trains still have their benefits.

Let’s consider a few exceptional train tours from the Rockies in Canada to the famous Orient Express.


Touring Britain, or part thereof? Rather than struggling with unknown, and often very narrow roads off the beaten path, and – for North Americans – coping with driving on the “wrong” side of the road that a car rental brings, buying a rail pass is a no-brainer. Having toured Britain both ways, jumping on and off the train when and where I liked, travel was a breeze. With first class passes so often our group of four had whole compartments or carriages to ourselves. If you prefer to mingle, regular travel is still superb as we experienced that as well. (A few trains did not have first class.)

British trains go almost everywhere you would want to go! Worried about the trains being on time? Remember you are on vacation. And with BritRail, you can currently get a deep discount for off-season travel. Price varies depending on the type of pass and date of travel but is quite economical. A Flexipass which allows days of travel per your choice during a fixed period is the recommended option for the free-spirited planner.


Image courtesy of Rocky Mountaineer.

The Rockies

There’s probably few more breathtakingly scenic areas than the Canadian Rockies. Traveling there by train, you can experience the wilderness – forests, lakes, and mountains – in a manner that you can not rival by car, especially if you are the driver!

Rocky Mountaineer specializes in creating train journeys in this often-inaccessible part of the world. With glass-domed carriages and a leisurely pace that lets you take in the 360-degree view, your neck will be on a swivel!  Add to that: comfortable seating, gourmet meals paired with local wines and beers, and first-class service – and your journey is a pleasure. You can choose from a few days to almost two weeks guided tours with lots of stops to explore cities, towns and attractions along the way. A popular choice is to combine your visit to the Rockies with an Alaska cruise. Packages start at CA$1,425 and up, per person, plus GST, for a 2-day journey (current 2021 rates). Consult with your travel expert for any current offers and book ahead.


Leaving Pretoria Station

South Africa

Rovos Rail touts itself as the most luxurious train in the world. In keeping with that, travel on board is limited to a small number of passengers, dress is more formal, and modern life is kept low-key – no televisions or radios here! Dine on gourmet traditional, often local game-based, recipes with South African wine. Ambiance is Edwardian, and opulent. There are observation cars for viewing, but you can also relax in the lounge car with open windows to bring Africa “in” close. Even the least expensive suites on board have adjoining bathrooms with all modern conveniences. There are various destination and theme packages available as well as private hire. Imagine a 3-day safari or golfing tour! Or an 11-day journey to Victoria Falls… It’s an incredible way to see this part of Africa, and an unforgettable rail experience. The fare, well let’s quote the old saying,  “if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it” but what a dream vacation!


A carriage on the Venice Simplon-Orient Express


Hop aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient Express (Belmond) to experience 1920’s style luxury and the original route famous in literature and history. Decorated in Art-Deco, it is a step-back in time with vintage-inspired cabins, dining and entertainment. There are “bar” cars, several dining cars each with their unique styling, a boutique, and more. Because the line has been kept true to the original, modern facilities such as showers and hair dryers are not available, no ensuite baths, and if heating is required, it is provided by small coal stoves in each car. One modern touch: there is air conditioning. Dress is smart casual, and evening attire semi-formal to formal.

There are various routes available from London to Venice, Verona, or Paris and the journeys can be relatively short depending on your package, starting at just one day. Fares vary from a few thousand pounds per person to double digits – for 1 night! Currently some trips are sold out over a year in advance so book early to experience this amazing train trip with elegant top-notch amenities and service. Looking to impress on celebrating a special occasion? You can arrange charters and groups for these journeys. Check with your travel agent.

A journey by rail is an oft forgotten form of vacation but well worth it for the experience alone.

Feature image is luggage at the Haydarpasa Train Station in Istanbul.  At the top of the page, that is the Glenfinnan rail line in Scotland.  All photos courtesy of  Bigstock unless noted otherwise.