Memorable Travel Moments 

Past and Present Quirky , Crazy, and Utterly Fascinating Travel Moments 

  • An old Scots gentleman friend of my dad’s from WW2 reciting Robbie Burns’  Tam O’Shanter as he showed us the sights of his hometown of Ayr, Scotland.
  • The  twilight tour of haunted Edinburgh, and eating haggis at the Castle. Yummm.
  • Sitting in the ruins of Tintern Abbey and appreciating the famous poem all over again.
  • Glendalough – all of it – the beauty and magic of the valley, the lake and surrounding hills, making one believe there are such creatures as faeries and leprechauns.
  • Walking through Dublin as an avid fan of Maeve Binchy and seeing the places one only read about until now.
  • Loosing the GPS in the middle of navigating a six lane round about in Dublin at 5 o clock rush hour.
  • Walking the deck arm in arm after dining and theatre aboard the Celebrity Summit –  with the Caribbean sky twinkling with stars above and the whitecaps on the water below and not another soul in sight. Romantic 5 stars.
  • Table 54 on Celebrity Constellation February 2009.You know who you all are!!
  • Our bed on the Veendam – best sleepworthy bed ever.
  • Seeing the guard with a gun sitting in a tree outside our villa at Half Moon Cay in Jamaica.