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D.MacIntyre former travel professional, current travel blogger and owner of Compass Media, an on line marketing and support agency for travel professionals.

Themed Walking Tours


With cars and public transport these days, many of us do not walk where we want to go – sometimes we do not walk the street we live on! Walking about a city (or the countryside) gives you a unique perspective and appreciation for the passing scenery than one does not get driving by.  For this reason, whenever you can, take a guided walking tour or two on your vacation.

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100 Years of Cruising


A cruise is defined as a sail about in an area without a place of destination, especially for pleasure; or a voyage on a ship or boat for pleasure or as a vacation, and usually calling at several places. One can go back a hundred years or more of “cruising”; however, the definitive word in the definition of a cruise is “pleasure”.

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Edinburgh – Ten Fun Things To Do


Did you know that Edinburgh is the most popular city to visit in Britain after London? Located in eastern Scotland on the Firth of Forth, it is the Scottish capital, center of finance, education and law in the north, as well as a major tourist draw. It’s not the largest city in Scotland, but there are lots of things to see and do ...

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